10 Tips To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetic condition is on the increase throughout the world. A carefully collected statistical data says that around 54 million Americans are suffering from pre diabetes. The sufferers of pre diabetes have the 50/50 chance of developing type 2 diabetes within next 10 years of their lives. The medical professionals are of the belief that high fat consumption coupled with the contemporary sedentary lifestyle is the major contributor of this ailment.

The good news is that diabetes is a preventable disease especially if diagnosed at the Pre diabetic stage. There are various tips that can be employed to ensure the preventions of onset of diabetes. These tips involve simple lifestyle changes.

Extra Hour of Sleep

If somebody is deprived of the deep sleep, the level of a hormone cortisol increases. This stress hormones interferes the body’s role of producing insulin. An extra one hour of sleep daily can play wonders in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Adequate Rest

If somebody is exhausted he tends to consume sweet foods. This sweet food plays havoc with the blood glucose levels. Getting adequate rest helps to keep the blood sugar levels constant.

Regular Exercise

Walk daily for 30 minutes, or exercise for three hours in a week as this effect the body’s ability to produce insulin.

Consume Sweet Fruits

To satisfy the sweet tooth, instead of consuming the candy bars it is better to consume sweet fruits. The good examples of these fruits are grapes, strawberries, blueberries, melon and banana as they all contain soluble fiber.

Consume More Fiber Rich Foods

It is better to substitute the processed food with their whole grain alternatives like instead of taking white bread better take bran bread.

Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium helps the body in producing insulin. It is better to include the magnesium rich foods in the diet. Better go for nuts, beans seeds and wheat breads. If still you are not satisfied with the quantity of magnesium in the diet, take the supplement for magnesium after consultation with the doctor.

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium also improves the body’s ability to produce insulin. Doctors recommend 1200 mg of calcium daily. The better choices are milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E does not only improves the body’s ability to convert the blood sugar into energy but it also helps in protecting the heart and improves the immunity system of the body.

Avoid Animal Fat

Substitute the animal fat with plant fat. Better cook in sesame oil, flax and olive oil. The plant fat also improves the body’s ability to use the glucose effectively and helps in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Avoid Sodas

Better substitute the diet drinks for regular sodas. A new research study has shown that if tea or coffee is consumed half an hour before the mealtime it increases the amount of insulin production. But these should be consumed either with artificial sweeteners or without any sugar at all.

It is always better to go for an annual blood sugar check. This will eliminate the risk factor of developing diabetic complications.