A Diabetes Dietition Is Your Best Friend

Why You Should Trust your diabetes dietition

Diabetes is quite a hard condition to have because of the many complications that come with the disorder. Thus, it comes as a huge advantage to have a personal dietitian in tow. This should definitely be the case if your diabetes is of the type 2 kind since your condition can deteriorate very fast because of problems with obesity and poor nutrition. With a personal dietitian, you can then make sure that the food you eat is indeed good for your weight and your blood sugar levels.

But this practice is not just for type 2 diabetes because the type 1 kind benefits much from this as well. If you are afflicted with type 1 diabetes, then you should understand the effect certain food items have on the insulin injections you take on. Your dietitian can provide you with the basics on carbohydrate calories. He or she can also educate you on the exact amount of insulin you should take during your meals.

Your dietitian can do more than just give you the proper schedule for your meals, you know. He or she can also teach you the proper way of eating the food recommended for your diet. This is as important as the knowing the food items that you will be eating as well. Since you are afflicted with diabetes, then it comes as a must to be more conscious of every food item you eat, especially when it pertains to calories. By understanding where all of these calories come from, you can then assess if a particular food item should be included in your diet, just by checking the its label. If your dietitian is able to do this, then you are sure to be in good hands. A dedicated dietitian would take the time and effort to help you understand the reason behind eating certain food items.

Aside from that, your dietitian should also discuss the importance of food portions. Most people do not really know just how much a portion of food should be. This is because we are exposed to so many commercials of fast food companies that show huge portions of food. We then perceive that the regular portion should be this much, even if the portions we see on these commercials are just about three times than how it should be. Your dietitian would then discuss to you how important lowering your food portions should be.

The efficient dietitian also recognizes the need for meal planning to be varied, especially when it comes to food types and meal schedules. It’s a popular misconception that a diabetic’s diet would be comprised of boring food items and rigid meal schedules. This is not the case at all. There are indeed strict rules pertaining to meal portions and intake of calories and carbohydrates. Still, there is much room for your diet to contain satisfying meals.