Aloe Vera and Diabetes

Everyday, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes is increasing. This is why more and more people are looking for ways to prevent and hopefully cure their diabetes. This situation has prompted the people from the Mahidol University of Bangkok to conduct a study on the health benefits of aloe vera and how it prevents diabetes. This test was done in 1996 and was published that same year in the journal of Phyto medicine. As a test group, they chose 72 patients with high fasting blood sugar. They selected candidate that were exhibiting diabetic symptoms  who had never been treated with hypo-glycemic drugs. The scientists used a placebo controlled double blind study to examine the effects of Aloe Vera on the blood sugar levels,  as well as cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

For 42 days, the test group were given 15 milliliters of Aloe Vera to be taken twice a day while the other control group were given placebos. Neither of the groups knew which they were taking. Every two weeks, during this period, both groups were subjected to blood tests to measure their glucose levels, cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Prior tests performed before the study showed that their were no differences in their blood markers.

After the treatment with Aloe Vera the treatment group’s blood sugar levels decreased dramatically by 43%. They also reported that there were no changes in the cholesterol but blood triglyceride levels were reduced by 44%. There was no change in the placebo group. The study also reported that there were no significant side effects in the consumption of Aloe Vera; it also didn’t affect the treatment group’s weight or appetites.

Another study, conducted at the same university, showed that patients who were not responding to glibenclamide,  an anti diabetic drug, responded well to Aloe Vera treatment. The results showed that the Aloe Vera treatment lowered their sugar level by 48% and triglycerides levels by 52%. Similarly, the aloe vera treatment did not affect the patients’ cholesterol levels.

Evidently, Aloe Vera treatment is a very effective way to lower blood sugar levels in adults; this option is one you may want to consider pursuing after you first consult with your current healthcare professional.