Benefits of Black Tea to a Diabetic

Over the years, black tea has been the drink of choice of many. It’s both refreshing and rejuvenating. Although a lot of people enjoy this drink there are but a few people who know the many benefits of black tea to Diabetes patients.

Green tea, black tea’s more famous ‘cousin’, is known for its antioxidants. Black tea, on the other hand, is known for it’s therapeutic effects and it is how claimed to be a better source of insulin than insulin shots. In fact, it has been published that the benefits of black tea even prove to be a cure for diabetes.

Diabetes is the world’s fourth leading cause of death; and it’s mortality rate is increasing daily. According to recent studies there is an estimated 246 million around the world who are suffering from diabetes. 90% of these people are diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Type II Diabetes is a disease directly related to obesity, bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

Although the causes of diabetes have been well known for so long, scientists have yet to discover how to cure it. Nowadays, diabetes patients try to live with their disease through insulin shots and a lifetime of prescription pills. Diabetes is a life long battle millions of people could have prevented with the proper knowledge of the disease. If you haven’t been diagnosed for Type II diabetes then you can still avoid the lifelong battle by exercising regularly and eating right.

However, if you have already been diagnosed and you are currently on insulin treatments here’s some interesting information you should know.

According to the BBC, there was a research study conducted that proves that components of black tea have the same effect as insulin in the body. According to the source, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s researchers found that the fat cells from lab rats that were consuming black tea showed insulin-enhancing activity in the cells. The tea the lab rats consumed were prepared normally and did not have to undergo any extraction of any sort. The insulin-enhancing effects found in the fat cells of the rats showed that the activity increased by 15-fold.

The research also studied the effects of tea,when it was mixed with other liquids, such as milk. According to the study, the benefits of black tea were nearly wiped out by the addition of milk. In fact, when just 50 grams of milk was added to tea, more than 90% of the insulin activity induced by tea disappeared. Soymilk and other creamers were also tested and showed that all these killed the benefits of black tea to diabetes patients. Another common liquid mixed with tea is lemon juice, and unlike its the other ingredients tested, lemon juice did not diminish the benefits of black tea to diabetes patients.

There are many known benefits of drinking black tea and there are even more discoveries about it everyday, making it the ideal choice of people who want to prevent diabetes. Even those who have Type II diabetes should drink and reap the benefits of black tea.

Disclaimer: The statements on this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please consult your physician before starting any nutrition regimen.