Can A Diabetic Have Cake?

Can A Diabetic Have Their Cake and Eat It Too?

Many people avoid being tested for diabetes because they are afraid of having to give up their favourite ice-cream or chocolate biscuit. There is no doubt that diet plays a big part in being able to successfully control diabetes, but does that mean that a diabetic must avoid all fatty foods? Does it mean that you have to always forgo that slice of delicious chocolate cake or pudding?  Not necessarily.

Some foods do produce greater amounts of glucose than other foods, so naturally being careful about what you eat does have positive effect in keeping your glucose levels in check. But there are other factors that also come into play. While what you eat is important, the amount you eat along with how quickly you eat also has a bearing on your sugar levels. It will decide how high and how fast your blood glucose levels will rise.

There is some good news for diabetics who enjoy their food. Recent diabetic research has shown that having diabetes no longer means you cannot give your taste buds a treat. Researchers have found that certain foods that were off limits to a diabetic in the past are no longer forbidden. This is fantastic news if you are a gourmet food lover but happen to have diabetes.

These nutritional findings go hand in hand with discoveries that psychological factors are also very important in diabetes control. Research has now found diabetic diets are much more successful in keeping blood sugar levels stable, if the diet is one than can be enjoyed. The reason for this is simple it is much more likely for a person to stay on a diet that they like.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you can go to the all you can eat buffets or restaurants and stuff yourself with anything you fancy. But it does mean that you do not have to deprive yourself completely of life’s little culinary pleasures. Many are finding that limiting these treats to only certain occasions has heightened their appreciation for such foods even more than before.

So don’t feel that being a diabetic requires that you put a chain and lock on the refrigerator door, while it does means you need to exercise some self-control and moderation, it also means you need to carefully monitor your sugar levels when you do splurge out and treat your taste buds.

The fact is that a healthy balanced diet that limits fats and is high in fiber, is really what every person on the planet should be aiming for in order to achieve optimal health and vitality. So don’t put off being tested for diabetes just because you’re scared of being put on a diet or can’t live without your favourite food. If you love to eat, take heart, it is now quite possible for a diabetic to have their cake and eat it too.