Choosing Insulin Pump Infusion Sets

A  anyone that has to take insulin in order to properly manage their diabetes is aware that the types of supplies one has in regards to their insulin maintenance is very important. There are millions of people that use insulin supplies each day in order to obtain the insulin that is needed. Some people are comfortable using syringes in order to administer the insulin to their bodies. There are others that prefer to utilize insulin pumps. Insulin pumps are considered by some people to be a very convenient way to make sure that they receive the necessary insulin dosage throughout the day. In order for people to supply the insulin to the body continuously it will be necessary to use insulin pump infusion sets. These sets are composed of all the necessary pieces that will enable a person to adequately supply insulin to their bodies in a safe manner throughout the day. Infusion sets are made by a number of different companies and they are also available in different types. In order for individuals to get the best usage from their insulin pump infusion sets it is highly recommended that they take the time to review the different features of this type of supply in order to choose the correct product for personal needs.

Insulin pump infusion sets are basically the tubing that delivers the insulin from the pump to a person’s body. The tubing ends with an even smaller tube called a cannula which is inserted into a person’s body for up to three days. The infusion sets that are available for purchase have a number of different features that should be noted in order for individuals to choose the correct device to deliver insulin to the body. The type of connection that is utilized with infusion sets is very important. In general, the infusion sets that work with most of the pumps have a luer lock. These are probably used more often as people have more options for choosing sets for their pumps. Likewise, people should also consider the needle length for their infusion sets. In general, the needle lengths are sometimes regulated by size for the amount of fat that a person carries on their body. Thus, those individuals that carry less fat will need a smaller needle while those that carry more fat will need a larger needle for insertion of the infusion set. It may be necessary too select different sizes in the beginning to see which size needle is best for personal usage.

When selecting insulin pump infusion sets it is also very important to choose a set that has a quality inserter and easy to use disconnect. The inserter is the object that makes it easier for an individual to place the cannula or end tubing into the body. It is highly recommended that individuals test a number of inserters in order to find the ones that offer the easiest and pain-free method of inserting the infusion set to the body. Another important part of these sets that should be considered is the disconnect. The disconnect is basically the point at which the person removes the infusion set from the body. There are different types of disconnects such as the at-site disconnect where the tubing is removed and the remainder of the set is left in the body. There is also the away-from-body disconnect that allows the user to remove the tubing in manner that allows them to see all the connections a lot easier.

In all, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing insulin pump infusion sets.