Diabetes and Smoking Tobacco

Why Diabetics Should Avoid Smoking At All Costs

Can a diabetic smoke cigarettes? Smoking kills. This is printed on cigarette packages and broadcast after every cigarette advertisement in places where advertising cigarettes is allowed. Cancer, lung problems and other diseases have all been associated with smoking. Clearly, smoking poses serious health hazards to everyone. When combined with a pre-existing problem, it can prove lethal and this is true when we speak of diabetes and smoking tobacco.

For type 1 diabetes, smoking is not a risk factor because this type of diabetes is genetically determined. However, smoking can worsen a type 1 diabetic’s condition. It exacerbates complications brought on by poorly managed diabetes. Diabetic smokers are more likely to develop cardiovascular problems than non-smoking diabetics. They also have a higher risk of contracting kidney disease that may lead to kidney failure.

For people who are at higher risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or for pre diabetics, the chances of being diagnosed with the disease increase with cigarette smoking. Smoking increases the likelihood of the body developing insulin resistance. The smoker will then need higher doses of insulin or more frequent insulin injections to aid in the metabolic process.

The benefits of quitting smoking in diabetics have not been largely documented. However, if you follow the reasoning that quitting smoking when you have diabetes naturally results in a healthier heart, and then you know that quitting smoking will improve (or preserve) your health and the progression of your diabetes.

For diabetics who want to make the right choice and quit smoking cigarettes, cigars or any other type of tobacco for health reasons, it is best to consult a doctor who will be able to help you with quitting. Nicotine is addictive and chances are smokers will experience withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication to make quitting easier. Medication, gum, nicotine patches and hypnosis have been used for this purpose. As soon as you and your doctor have determined the method that works best for you, stick to it religiously and you’re on your way to recovery.

Diabetes and smoking is a bad mix and while trying to stop smoking may be difficult at first t can be very rewarding. The small sacrifice you make in quitting as early as possible will result in a fuller and longer life.