Diabetes And Your Weight – Are You In Danger?

If you have more pounds, or you are stressed unknowingly you might be taking a step every day towards diabetes. Diabetes and the weight issues go together. Read further to evaluate yourself, are you also in danger?

Generally it was believed that diabetes is an inherited disease. If somebody spends his childhood without it he is OK. It is only recently when it is widely recognized that most of diabetic cases are diagnosed in their adulthood. Around 75 % of sufferer, the diabetes remains undiagnosed until it started affecting the health seriously

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes takes place when the body becomes either unable to produce sufficient insulin or becomes unable to use the produced insulin effectively. Insulin is a hormone which is required to convert the glucose provided in the blood into energy. This conversion process is carried out in the cells.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes?

The sufferer of diabetes may feel tired, frequently urinate, feel excessive thirst and may start to lose weight

Who are the victims?

Young adults and children may get type 1 diabetes, but their part is only 10 %. The larger population is suffering from late onset diabetes which is type 2 diabetes.

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine, says that obesity or the excess weight are the single most important predictor of onset of diabetes. Therefore weight loss and diabetes should go together.

What if left untreated?

This is a progressive and severe ailment which may lead to cardiovascular diseases, circulatory problems, kidney failure and even death.

How is diabetes treated?

Type 1 diabetes can be treated with combining insulin and diet. This type is not preventable. However, most of the type 2 cases can be avoided. Latest researches have shown the people, who take healthy diet, exercise regularly and maintain their weight, mostly have the blood sugar levels in the controlled range. Normally type 2 diabetes can be controlled with the change in diet and lifestyle. Sometimes it may also require tablets or even insulin injections.

Can diabetes be avoided?

The New England Journal of Medicine’ study showed that most of the type 2 diabetes cases can be avoided by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Dietitians suggest all energy dense food should be avoided to reduce obesity. Even the excessive intake of low-fat diet without exercise may also lead to obesity. A healthy diet is one in which the protein is the basis of the most of the meals and carbohydrates is supplied from different resources. One should have plenty of fruits and vegetables in his diet. This changes in diet will ensure the foods are slowly absorbed in the body, and do not allow the sugar level to form peaks.