Diabetes Diet Plan: Diet or Die

Find A Good Diabetic Diet Plan That Works

A diabetic diet plan is essential for anyone who has been dianosed with diabetes. Early in life, we have all been taught the importance of a healthy diet. We know the three food groups and are aware of how much food we need to consume from each food group. We also know that exercise is important, not only in maintaining a desirable physique, but in giving the body a boost to ensure that it functions properly. A daily regimen of exercise and proper diet ensures that we reach optimum health.

A healthy diet is especially important to a diabetic because of the need for a stable blood glucose level. Preparing a meal plan for a diabetic may be challenging, but sticking to it is even more so. Outlining the benefits of a healthy diet may convince someone who is resistant to a diet change.

What Is A Good Diabetic Diet Plan?

Eating a high-fiber and low-fat meal lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Whereas, eating unhealthy food results in high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. This condition may lead to a host of problems in other organs. Complications that arise from this are cardiovascular problems and kidney malfunction, to name a few. Unhealthy food like those rich in cholesterol requires more insulin to process. This is even more difficult for a person with diabetes as he already has insulin resistance to begin with. By eating a healthy meal, we avoid giving the body undue strain in the digestive and metabolic process.

Moreover, a healthy diet in conjunction with regular exercise will help a person shed excess pounds. This also benefits your blood glucose level and lowers your insulin requirement. It gives the body that extra metabolic boost that aids in digestion. Making healthy food choices generally enables the body to function better.

A poor diet for diabetes may result in any of the following conditions:

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar from not eating enough;
Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar from eating the wrong kind of food;
Increased insulin requirement from weight gain (leading to obesity); and
Low energy level that hinders one from exercising.

The only way we can break the chain of poor diets for diabetics and is by ensuring that we choose to eat healthy and exercise regularly. It is the best way to manage diabetes and prolong life.