Diabetic Cold Medicine

A Diabetic Cold Medicine Warning

Diabetic Cold Medicine is a subject that every person with diabetes should consider. Why? Because a lot of prescription and over the counter cold and flu medicines, available today, contain high levels of sugar in their ingredients.

Diabetes, as most people know, is a condition wherein blood sugar levels are not taken up by the body cells properly. This is because of three things. First reason is that the pancreas, that small gland located near the liver, is not producing insulin, a hormone that works by binding with its receptors found at a body cell’s surface in order to let the glucose into the cell. Second reason is when insulin cannot bind with its receptors on the body cell’s surface because it is coated with something else such as cholesterol, making the entire cell impermeable to glucose. The third reason is when there is just too much glucose floating around, thanks to increased intake, that even if there’s enough insulin available and the body cells are functioning well, they just couldn’t keep up.

What I’ve described above pertains to the three major types of diabetes, namely: Type I diabetes mellitus, Type II diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes respectively. As can be seen, whatever the diabetes type is, it involves having problems with sugar levels in the bloodstream. It is a no-brainer then that one of the many things diabetics must do is to control sugar intake.

So now we have diabetic diets. This kind of diet usually involves high protein, low fats, and low sugars. The purpose of this diet is to prevent and minimize the occurrence of complications because with diabetes, the major problems are not brought about by the condition itself but is in the complications it can bring. And most of the time, the complications are the ones posing deadly threats to the individual.

Diabetics really have to be careful in their intake, all in all. From their food to even medicines, everything has to be covered within the diet plan. This arena is a delicate one for them for many people do not know that even medicines have sugar content.

When diabetics are afflicted with something as common as a cold, they should not buy those over the counter drugs for these contain considerable, if not high, sugar content. Even if there are several cold medicines available over the counter without the sugars, they can never be sure unless they know from the expert. So, to be safe, what they should do is to go their doctor, let him assess the problem and prescribe a diabetic cold medicine.

As always, when it comes to illnesses, it is always better to ‘treat’ them through preventive measures. When it comes to preventing common colds, go for the vitamin C containing foods. Not only will this vitamin help prevent the common colds, but it is also good in fighting off the free radicals in the body that can also lead to another complication in diabetes. Also, take care in choosing the right kind of vitamin C supplements, for they are often the ones coated with sugars too. Always, remember that in dealing with diabetes, going low in sugar is the key to a risk-free life.

So be sure to look for low sugar diabetic cold medicine and take extra care to monitor your blood sugar levels when you have the flu or a cold.