Diabetic Eggnog Recipe

What do you get when you mix eggs, cream, milk and rum? You come up with the all time favorite recipe called Eggnogs. Creamy, rich, and sweet, this drink is everybody’s favorite, except for those who have allergies to eggs or milk. I won’t list allergies for rum since I don’t believe such allergies exist!

It is not only people with allergies who can’t drink eggnog. Try thinking of  people with heart diseases and diabetes. These people also have to be careful with what they eat and drink. They have to be careful about their carbohydrate, calorie and fat intake, things that eggnogs are rich in.

Let’s focus on the diabetics since more and more people have been diagnosed with diabetes. First of all, diabetics need to have low levels of carbohydrates, fat and calorie in their diet. This is because, diabetes occurs when there is a constant high level of blood sugar, hence the need for low intake of carbohydrates. After all, going back to elementary science, we recall that carbohydrates are converted into glucose (a sugar) when inside the body.

Eggnog also contains too much fat and calories, these are also big no-no’s for diabetics. The reason for this is that they can turn into cholesterol in the body, when it builds up, it coats the body cells, especially the blood cells, making them impermeable to glucose. This can result in further complications for a person with diabetes.

However, being a diabetic should never be the cause, or hindrance, towards doing the things that you want to do, or eat and drink for that matter. Many people often think that when they have diabetes, everything they eat will become bland, just like those eaten by people with cardiovascular disorders and diseases. Remember, where there is a will, there’s always a way. And so begins the search for a suitable diabetic eggnog recipe.

If you are one of those people who simply can’t live without eggnog, you can always make it according to the demands of your diabetic diet. To make your very own diabetic eggnog recipe, try substituting an ingredient rich in fat or sugar with something else. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy your drink without the worry of having to suffer complications later.

In a typical eggnog recipe, milk is one of the key ingredients. Instead of using 100% pure cow’s milk that comes in a bottle or a gallon, try using skim milk or a non fat one. These two kinds of milk. as the name implies, contain little to no fat. Next, instead of using  ordinary sugar, try to substitute it with artificial sweeteners.

By this this kind of substitution, you won’t worry over having spiked up levels of blood sugars later. Also, other people will enjoy it too, since it will taste exactly how eggnogs should taste. Enjoy!