Diabetic Holiday Recipes

Diabetic Holiday Celebration Pig-outs

Holidays are special times we associate with family and food. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal shared by family and friends to make any occasion memorable. These special occasions are rare times when we can relax and de-stress. The same is not always true for diabetics. Holiday cooking for diabetic management can be a nightmare without diabetic holiday recipes

Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries can be very stressful for a diabetic. It is always a question of loving life and sticking to the diabetic diet or living life and eating the forbidden food offered during these special occasions. Meals on special occasions are often rich in fat and have high caloric content. Caution is thrown out the window in the name of good taste. Therefore, these meals normally are not suitable for a diabetic and may cause blood glucose level to shoot up.

If you are attending a holiday celebration, you need not deprive yourself of all the treats. You can adjust your diabetic diet to accommodate the kind of food that will be served. You may, for instance, choose a low calorie meal for breakfast and lunch so that you can enjoy an afternoon pizza party. You may also call the host or hostess to check what kind of food will be served. Some hosts even take it upon themselves to check whether their guests have any special dietary restrictions prior to preparing the menu for their party. Chances are, there will be a dish or two that conforms to the dietary requirements of a diabetic. You may also offer to bring a diabetic-friendly dish that can be shared by everyone. You can find diabetic holiday recipes on the internet suitable for Christmas, thanksgiving, anniversaries and other special celebration events.

Adjusting your diabetic diet for special occasions celebrated in your own home is simpler. As you will be preparing the dishes yourself, you can opt to alter the recipe by substituting high fat, high-calorie ingredients with lean meat and other low calorie ingredients. You also need not skip dessert. There are many artificial sweeteners available in the market that will enable you to indulge your sweet tooth.

Holidays and other special occasions need not be a stressful time for diabetics. Ultimately, moderation is still the key to maintaining normal blood glucose levels during this time. Celebrating and at the same time sticking to the diabetic diet can be done. All it takes is planning, good judgment, and a lot of self-control.