Diabetic Snacks Good for Hypoglycemia

Are There Any Snacks Good for Hypoglycemia

Many people have to suffer with hypoglycemia and they may do so for many years.  Some of these individuals will go on to have full-fledged diabetes if they are not careful with their diet and how they are taking care of themselves.  Other individuals will simply have to make sure that they have plenty of snacks good for hypoglycemia with them at all times.  Not only will this help you to be able to avoid any of the hypoglycemia symptoms, it may also help you to lose a little bit of weight which could be one of the problems leading to hypoglycemia in the first place.

The body is always in a delicate balance and whenever we feed ourselves the wrong food, it may make our sugar spike which could end up dumping a lot of insulin into our bloodstream.  Unfortunately, for many people, this will lead to an episode of hypoglycemia, where a person feels weak and dizzy and may even pass out in some cases.  This is generally caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar, something that is indicative of this sort of eating behavior.  If you’re wondering about snacks good for hypoglycemia, however, there are several which are very convenient and can be carried with you at any time.

A lot of it has to do with the glycemic index, an indicator of how quickly a carbohydrate releases sugar into your system.  If you have a copy of this index then you will be able to make smart food choices by sticking to the lower end of the scale.  As a matter of fact, if you eat all of your food below the level of 50 on the glycemic index you may not have trouble with hypoglycemia at all.  Of course, you may need to eat at regular intervals in order for this to take place.

For the same reason, any food that is listed low on the glycemic index makes for snacks good for hypoglycemia.  You may also be able to purchase a low glycemic power bar from the grocery store or health food store.  There are some that are specifically made for diabetics and are low glycemic but there are also some newcomers on the market that do quite well also.  For example, the new Hershey’s nutritional bar is an excellent choice for those with hypoglycemia and if possible, you could carry one of these around with you in case your blood sugar starts to drop.

Something that you may want to keep in mind, however, is the fact that a low glycemic food will not pick up your sugar level very quickly.  If you are already suffering from hypoglycemia, you may want to eat a snack that is a little bit higher on the glycemic index.  Make sure that you don’t go too high, however, as this could cause another spike and dive in your sugar levels.  Try to maintain a balance and you should be fine.