Different Types of Insulin Pump Supplies

The Different Types of Insulin Pump Supplies

Individuals that have diabetes know very well that there are certain items that are needed in order to effectively manage this condition. For those that need to administer insulin having the correct supplies is very important. Insulin pump supplies are purchased by some diabetics in order to be able to administer the correct amount of insulin as needed. When considering the different items that will be needed in order to treat ones diabetes there are certain supplies that must be considered. These particular supplies can be purchased onlin via any one of the many medical supplies stores that operate via the internet. The following are some of the main insulin pump supplies that will be needed in order to effectively manage insulin intake on a regular basis.

1. Infusion Set-Anyone that wants to be able to adminsiter insulin in the proper manner cannot do without this particular item. An infusion set is basically the core of the insulin pump supplies. This a set that helps individuals with diabetes to obtain the necessary level of insulin throughout the day. The infusion makes it posssible for a person to not have to perform shots throughout the day in order to maintain insulin levels. The infusion set includes various pieces such as an adhesive mount, subcutaneous cannula, quick-disconnect and pump cartridge connector. There are a number of different types of infusion sets on the market. Individuals should take the time to persuse the different sets and effectively choose the one that will be best for them best on personal needs and body structure.

2. Cartridges and Reserviors-It will be necessary for an individual to replace their insulin pump supplies every 2-3 days. This is because the level of absorption of the insulin decreases as it is used. Thus, it is very important to have additional supplies on hand. Individuals can purchase the cartridges and the reserviors from any medical supply company. It is very important to make sure that the correct supplies are purchased to go along with the pump. This will ensure compatibility of all items used.

3. Accessories-There are accessories avaialble to use with an insulin infusion set. While there may be a variety of different types of supplies that can be purchased it is always best to make sure that these particular accessories are compatible with the infusion set that is used on a daily basis. When purchasing insulin pump supplies some individuals prefer to purchase extra accesories such as an additional reservior or insertion device that can be interchanged as needed. Likewise, since individuals will be inserting a needle into their skin on a regular basis it will be necessary to purchase skin prep items. It very important that people that are using these supplies take the time to properly care for their skin. Whenever an insulin pump is connected to the skin it
is very important to make sure that the skin very clean and sanitized. Thus, it is advised that individuals purchase large quantities of alcohol prep pads in order to properly prepare a particular site on the body for insertion of the insulin pump.