Eating Right: The Perfect solution For Diabetes

Is there a Perfect Diabetic Diet?

According to careful estimations, more than 6% of the US population or in other words, over 18,000,000 people are affected by diabetes. Diabetes is diagnosed when the body is not creating or effectively utilizing the hormone called insulin and as a result, much-needed energy from sugar, starch, and other sources are not being exploited as effectively as they should. This situation can lead to severe adverse health consequences that may include nerve, ocular, and kidney problems.

The level of role genetics and environmental factors play in causing diabetes is as yet undetermined, but it’s clear that you must eat right in this condition. Generally, people with diabetes should not eat a standard “one size fits all” diet; instead, they must follow the healthy eating guidelines prescribed by their doctor.

A diet that helps maintain a healthy body weight is very essential for diabetics, since high blood pressure is related to obesity and overweight conditions. Individuals without diabetes can “snack” on unhealthy foods from time to time but persons with diabetes are well advised by their doctors to make sure that a very healthy eating consistently is a must for them. Yet following this regimen is indeed difficult; especially since so many foods in restaurants and vending machines do not have healthy ingredients, so they should also make sure that they don’t eat unhealthy food outside that much.

Since medical sciences have developed a lot, there’s a product called Profect has recently been engineered. It provides diabetics with a practical eating solution. It has a low Glycemic Index that contains absolutely no sugar. After eating a serving of Profect diabetics do not have to worry about their blood and sugar levels spiking [Manufacturers claims so]. Profect is said to slow down the overall absorption cycle and so it can be eaten along with other foods. Manufacturers say that Profect can effectively reduce insulin spikes and the subsequent creation of fat cells.

But one thing is for sure that even if you’re using the best medicine, eating healthy has no alternate. Medicine can provide you with temporary solution, but for a long term you must have to regularize your diet.