Get Free Health Care For Diabetes

How can I get free diabteic health care supplies?

Diabetes is a disorder that can be hard not only on your health, but on your wallet also. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes have to buy huge amounts of medication and equipment only to keep their condition under control. But there is a way you can get free health care for diabetes. You can can for example get free diabetic supplies if you are covered by Medicare.
Medicare is a social insurance program that is present in many countries, including Australia, Canada and the United States. When it was signed into law in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson became its first beneficiary.
Part B of the Medicare plan provides self-testing equipments and supplies to beneficiaries with diabetes. That means that you can get valuable supplies such as blood glucose monitors, test strips and lancets, all free-of-charge. While any person who is affected by diabetes’ whether they are insulin takers or not, can take advantage of these free supplies, there are limits imposed to how much supplies you can get in a month.
The first thing you will need in order to qualify for these free supplies is a prescription from your doctor. The prescription should clearly state how much you need any given type of supplies, mainly lancets and test strips, every month. It should also state if you are an insulin taker or not.
But not everyone with diabetes absolutely needs to test their blood sugar level every day. Ask your doctor if your condition warrants the need for daily blood glucose tests before you ask for free testing supplies. Make sure you don’t accept packages that you did not request, even if they are free medical supplies. Most of the time, these packages come from unrelated sources and may be billed to you later.
Part B of the Medicare plan also covers people who need therapeutic shoes because of previous diabetes related complications. Once again, you will need a clear statement from your doctor stating that you need therapeutic shoes because you have a history of complete or partial amputation and/or have cases of ulcers. However, only 80% of the shoes’ cost will be covered by Medicare; you will have to pay the remaining 20% on your own.
Fighting diabetes alone can be quite a costly affair, but organizations such as Medicare are there to relieve some of the expenses. Make sure you take advantage of the many services Medicare can offer and see if they can help you go through the motions of diabetes without breaking the bank. Take advantage of the free health care for diabetes that may be available in your area.