Insulin Mixtures and Injections

Insulin Mixtures

Most insulin shots are a mixture of 70% long acting, 30% fast acting insulin, often called humulin or mixtard. These shots are often taken before breakfast and dinner. Although, these 70/30 mixtures are good, it is smart for all diabetics to stock up on both basal and bolus injections. Having both gives you more control on your glucose levels and it gives you more flexibility than premixed shots. Having both types gives you the chance to vary the amount and timing of the bolus injection so you can match it to the type of food you eat and the time you eat it. Diabetics who use the 70/30 mixtures follow a strict schedule with regards to taking it. It also dictates the amount of carbohydrates a patient can consume daily.

Ask your doctor about your insulin shot options so you can live your daily life as flexible as possible.

Insulin Injections

Insulin injections are part of the diabetic’s daily life. It’s frequency and dosage highly depends on the doctor’s prescribed regimen. Most doctors let their patients choose between traditional injections and injection pens that are pre-filled with insulin. Whichever you and your doctor decide on, here are some steps you should take.

If you decide on using a syringe, roll the vial or the syringe (if it’s a pre-filled syringe) to redistribute all the particles. By rolling it in your palms, you ensure an even concentration of insulin in every shot you take. The same applies principle can also be applied to pens, but instead of rolling them on your palm, lightly shake the pen as they have a small ball in them to redistribute the insulin well.

Once you have set your insulin shot, choose an insulin site and pinch it slightly. Position your shot so that you will inject the insulin under the fatty layer of your skin. Keep the shot at a 45 degree angle if the patient is thin, otherwise keep it a 90 degree angle.

Once you have taken the shot, rotate the injection area regularly. Insulin is best absorbed through the abdominal area, so try rotating towards this area.