Managing Type 2 Diabetes and Treatments Available

Are There Any New Treatments for Diabetes Type 2

Before we discuss diabetes type 2 and the treatment options available, we need to clarify the difference bewtween type i and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 2 diabetes is a condition brought on by the body’s inability to utilize insulin properly. Unlike type 1 diabetes where not enough insulin is produced if any is produced at all, a type 2 diabetic’s pancreatic cells can supply insulin, but the problem is the body is insulin resistant. The good news is that, unlike type 1 diabetes, a person diagnosed with diabetes type 2 has more treatment options avaiable.

There are several factors that affect the type of treatment method that a diabetic will need to receive in order to manage the disease. Blood sugar level, weight and other health factors all have to be taken into consideration when a doctor chooses the treatment method for a diabetic.

Here are the three methods by which a person can control type 2 diabetes:

Diet and Exercise: For people with slightly elevated blood sugar and have just been diagnosed with diabetes, modifying their diet and regular exercise can help manage the disease.

Oral Medication: For diabetics with blood glucose level that’s higher than it should be but is still lower than the level that requires insulin injections, oral diabetes medication can be taken.

Insulin Injections: For diabetics with alarmingly high blood glucose level, a daily dose of insulin required. It may be administered once (or even more times) daily.

In their lifetime, a type 2 diabetic may go through one or two or even all of these treatment methods. It all depends on how well the diabetic manages the disease and how well the body is responding to the treatment. Some people with slightly elevated blood glucose can master the art of healthy eating and proper exercise and never have to take oral medication or insulin injections. There are those whose conditions worsen and immediately have to take insulin injections. Still there are those whose management of the disease is so well done that they move from insulin injections to oral medication. Or others from oral medication down to managing diabetes by strictly following a diabetic diet and exercise regime.

The treatment plan depends on the results of regular physical check-up and daily blood sugar readings. Consult your doctor if you want to make changes to the treatment plan laid out for you. The doctor will be able to outline the steps that will help you achieve your goal and effectively control type 2 diabetes.