Pros and Cons of Insulin Nasal Spray

There are many people that are diabetic and have to put up with administering insulin to themselves on a daily basis in order to keep their insulin levels under control. Most people do not like the idea of having to stick themselves with a needle in order to give their bodies the necessary treatment it needs to function properly. However, there are some alternative methods for administering insulin that are a lot less painful. One of these methods is via an insulin nasal spray. The ability to simply spray insulin into one’s nose and basically receive the necessary medication without the use of any needles is highly advantageous. It is likely that many people would be willing to try this type of product for diabetics if it were available on the market. Even though the idea of no needles seems very appealing to many, it is very important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent with insulin nasal spray.

Diabetics everywhere are sure to enjoy an insulin nasal spray if it could effectively provide them with the proper dosage of insulin on a consistent basis. The thought of not having to use needles is liked by many. This is one of the major benefits of using an insulin product that is administered through the nose. Basically, the insulin is mixed with a peptide that will allow the insulin to be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. Individuals will be able to obtain the correct dosage as per the bottle and as always there is no fear that there will be issues using needles on a daily basis. The bottles are compact and will be easy to use and transport for fast, efficient administering of insulin. In fact, with the insulin nasal spraydiabetics can not take their insulin anywhere they choose.

While there are some benefits to using an insulin nasal spray, there are also a number of drawbacks. Many people may be hesitant to use this spray because they are unsure if their bodies will receive the correct dosage. With the needle method individuals knew for sure that they were receiving a certain amount of insulin and how much exactly. This is not necessarily the case with the nasal spray. Another issue that some people may have with this form of insulin treatment is the assurance that the insulin will last. For example, a person that has recently sniffed the insulin and then sneezes may be concerned about more of the medication being on the tissue then in their body. Those that have allergies may be somewhat hesitant to try this method of treating their diabetes with form of insulin treatment. Finally, there are some medical professionals that may be concerned about the affect of insulin on the lungs. Diabetics have enough issues to be concerned about and the addition of a side effect that may complicate the health even more is not wanted by anyone.

Overall, there are both advantages and advantages to utilizing an insulin nasal spray.