Red diabetes bracelets: What are they for?

The American Diabetes Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a ray of hope to people with diabetes. Its main objective is to provide diabetes research, information and advocacy. Their goal is also to bring more light on the still widely unknown disease that is diabetes. But how exactly do they fund their projects and how do they raise awareness to their cause?

Well first of all, the ADA has been involved in many fund raising events and each year, hundreds of thousands of people participate in the fund-raising events organized by the American Diabetes Association. One of their better known activities is the “Step out to Fight Diabetes” event that was formerly known as “America’s Walk for Diabetes” which regroups thousands of participants in a stance to crush the diabetes epidemic.

During this event, many people will be seen wearing red diabetes bracelets. They are small silicone bracelets that have for goal of raising awareness for diabetes research. Red is one of the colors that have been associated with the struggle against diabetes as well as with the fight against heart disease.

Silicon bracelets became popular ever since Lance Armstrong was spotted wearing one during his legendary win in the 2004 Tour de France. Since then, silicone bracelets have been used to raise awareness for a variety of causes, from wildlife advocacy to the fight against breast cancer.

But how can a red diabetes bracelet really help find a cure against this dreadful disease? Well most of the times, a small portion of the proceedings will be donated to an organization geared towards diabetes treatment. While some people will never donate to charity, they might be attracted by the bracelet itself and indirectly contribute to the cause. Since their inception, silicone bracelets became fashion statements in many parts of the country; so kids can feel stylish as well as conscious while helping to raise money and awareness for diabetes.

Red diabetes bracelets can be found in many online outlets. You can buy them in packs of ten on the American Diabetes Association’s website and give them to your friends and family. They are only 1$ each, so you really have no excuse for not buying at least a ten pack as a sign of support. If you are interested in buying a couple of bracelets for you and yours, you can get them at

So now that you know what red diabetes bracelets are for, make sure you pick at least one up next time diabetes awareness month comes by.