Right Food for Diabetes

Different foods affect the blood sugar at various forms. Sugar or starch has better effect on blood sugar than proteins or fat. Food such as bread Pasta, Cereal, beans milk, fruit, fruit juices and sweet have more carbohydrates. Keep track of the carbohydrate prone food as they may cause high blood sugar levels after meals. The correct ratio of carbohydrates in your food can help to retain your energy as well keep the blood sugar level in control.

• Take different types of food from different food groups.
• Include a lot of vegetables and fruits, as they are rich in vitamin and mineral content which make a great food.
• Change to food stuffs that are low in cholesterol. Food items such as saturated fat, animal flesh are not correct type of foods as they increase cholesterol and provide risk to heart
• Salt should be limited -use natural and less processed food.
• Choose loose food instead of packed ones they are found to less salt.
• Herbs and leaves are fine. Sweet may be included in a little format as sugar even provides energy.

People with diabetes may not create an aversion for sweets; rather take it on doctor’s advice.

Alcohol is a high-risk food for the insulin in takers. Your physician may counsel safe drinking.
The food intake should be accordingly to the constitution or weight of an individual. People’s weight is highly co-related to the height. People who are exposed to more hard work should take adequate food. On the contrary, these who don’t even care for exercises should take only a limited food. You should cultivate a habit of eat better, feel better to live better. These who take insulin should avoid skipping and delayed eating. It may lead to low blood sugar.

Exercise and Yoga
A physician may be consulted before choosing the right exercise. A regular medical check-up after 40 years is necessary. Exercise plan can be scheduled with the help of the health care team. This should result into the right fitness format. The daily routine should include some form of fitness training, walking or yoga. Start up a slow pace like 15 minutes a day and aftermath it should expand for half an hour, one hour etc. It is a must while to do yoga, pranayama exercises (breath) and fantastic to start with start your breath exercises sitting on a comfortable vajrasana postures with different mudras, using the right kind of fingers with right hand postures. Different types of yoga practices are available for different pathological issues. These exercises should be advised and trained by a yoga specialist. Don’t do them on your own otherwise.