Self-Monitoring Of Blood Glucose

Glucose Monitoring Tips

• Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is something you know how to monitor the level of glucose in your blood.
• Keep a record of those values in a note book and you can review these at every visit with the doctor who in return helps you to manage diabetes.
• Make sure your blood glucose meter is in good working condition by following the directions for cleaning and maintenance suggested by the manufacturer.

The Time of Checking Blood Glucose Level

We can check the more we are able to get those levels into our target range. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with Type 1 diabetes do AMBG frequently at lease 3 to 4 times per day and people with Type 2 diabetes do SMBG at least once daily especially those who depend on insulin or diabetes pills.

  • Before breakfast Before dinner
  • 2 hours after breakfast 2 hours after dinner
  • Before lunch Before bedtime
  • 2 hours after lunch At 2 or 3 am

To know if your results are too high or too low, you should ask your doctor to choose a target range for your blood glucose levels. Staying within the range can help us to control our diabetes better.

Diabetes Testing Instruments

There are many diabetes-checking instruments. Humapen ERGO II is an insulin delivery device which has facilities such as easy dose dialing, easy to read number etc. Cartridge changing is also easy. It is available in Huminsulin 30/70, Huminsulin R and Huminsulin N.

How to use Accu-Check Active?

Only 4 simple steps are required to get your reading and results are displayed in 5 secs.

Inserting the Test Strip

When the test strip is inserted, the meter automatically turns on. Insert the test strip with the orange application pad facing upwards until it snaps into place

Blood Sampling With Accu-Chek Softclix

For patient self – monitoring the use of softclix lancing device with matching lancets is recommended. This lancing system makes blood collection simple and virtually painless for the patient.

Blood Application inside the Meter

When the blood drops on the orange pad, the pad may be touched. The meter starts the measurement automatically as soon as it senses the blood drop.


The blood glucose results will be displayed after about 5 seconds and get stored automatically time and date.