Side Effects and Complications of Diabetes

How to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a debilitating and deadly disease. It can cause damage to a person’s eyes, kidneys, heart and other internal organs as well as serious infections. If not controlled, diabetes can cause a lot of complications that can eventually lead to death.

Statistics show that most diabetics develop heart problems that eventually prove fatal. This complication arises from poor diet and lack of exercise. Following a diabetic diet that is high in fiber and low in fat promotes a healthy heart condition. It can also prevent hypertension. When managed properly through a health plan, heart disease can be avoided. In turn, the diabetic can avoid turning into another statistic.

Another common problem or side effect with diabetics is poor eyesight. The high level of glucose in the blood leads to rupture of veins in the eyes. When this happens, eyesight will deteriorate and, in worst cases, can lead to blindness. Once a person is diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it is important to plot an annual checkup with an ophthalmologist to check for signs of damage in the eyes.

Kidney malfunction is another complication common in diabetics who are unable to manage their diabetes properly. Elevated blood sugar level often puts undue strain in the kidneys until it is no longer able to function properly. This results to renal failure wherein the kidney can no longer filter toxins. In this case, only a kidney transplant or regular dialysis sessions can help. When the kidney is not functioning properly, the other organs are automatically affected as the blood supply becomes compromised.

Diabetics must also take better care of their teeth and gums as they are more prone to gum problems like gingivitis. A visit to the dentist every six months and good oral hygiene can prevent gum diseases and tooth loss in diabetics. By being more conscientious in brushing and flossing, a diabetic can still afford to smile.

The list of complications may seem overwhelming but diabetics can still lessen and even avoid them. By being more conscious of what he eats and exercising regularly, a diabetic can lead a healthy life. Proper disease management will enable a diabetic to feel better, live longer and avoid the diabetes complications common to this diabetics the world over.