Signs of Diabetes in Toddlers

Information on Toddler Diabetes

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for children to develop diabetes.  As a matter of fact, this is becoming more of a case with many young individuals it seems.  The difficult part about this is that the child may not actually know that anything is wrong with them.  It is our job as adults to recognize signs of diabetes in toddlers so that we can do something about it.  If we know these signs ahead of time then we will be in a better position to alert our pediatrician about the fact that something may be wrong.

Although there are different signs that can be exhibited in these toddlers, the signs of diabetes in toddlers do have some that show up in almost all cases.  Here are a few of those signs and how to recognize them in your youngster.  One or two of these may be an indicator that something is wrong but if you see several of these in your youngster, you should seek medical attention in order to make sure that everything is okay with their blood sugar levels.

Excessive Peeing – This is often one of the first signs that is recognized by many parrots that alerts them to the fact that something is wrong with their child.  Not only does the child have to go to the bathroom often, they will be peeing a lot whatever they are in there.

Increased Thirst – Another one of these signs of diabetes in toddlers is the fact that they will be thirsty all of the time.  Of course, a healthy thirst is one thing but if your child simply cannot seem to get enough fluids, it may be a sign that they have a problem.  Along with this may be a dry mouth or throat.

Weight Loss – if your child is eating a healthy diet and is still losing weight it may be a sign that there is something wrong with their insulin.  Keep your eye on this and discuss it with your pediatrician.

Increased Appetite – This is another thing that may tip the parent off to the fact that their toddler might have diabetes.  Especially if your child has an increased appetite and is still losing weight is something that you want to discuss with the doctor immediately.

Diaper Rash – One other thing that you may want to look for if your child is extremely young is a diaper rash that does not want to heal even when you put a medicated cream on it.

Of course, there are other more serious signs of diabetes in toddlers that can include such things as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and very labored breathing.  If you see any of these things in your child you should make sure that you talk to a doctor right away as they could be a sign of diabetes or that something else is wrong with your child.  Believe me, you will sleep better at night once you know what is going on.