The Contents of Diabetic Insulin Kits

There are a number of people that have to supply their bodies with a steady dose of insulin on a regular basis in order to make sure that the glucose levels are stable. People that have Type 1 diabetes utilize insulin kits in order to effectively manage their diabetes. Insulin kits can be purchased via a number of pharmacuetical stores with a valid prescription. These kits contain everything that a diabetic individual will need in order to effectively manage their diabetes. Insulin kits are basically used by those that decide to use syringes in order to administer their insulin. It is important for people to be well aware of what an insulin kit should obtain in order to be properly prepared for insulin therapy. The following is an overview of the main items that are often included in insulin kits.

1. Insulin-When many people purchase insulin they may oftentimes want to purchase enough insulin so that they will have a supply that last them for some time. Many people are looking for insulin kits that will supply an adequate insulin supply over a certain amount of time. Most kits include a couple of vials of insulin. Individuals can determine how much insulin they need for each dosage and administer that amount accordingly. It is extremely important that insulin be properly stored. Vials of insulin that have not been used should be stored in the refrigerator. It is very important that the insulin in kept a temperature that will keep the insulin cold but not freezing. A vial of insulin that is currently in use should can be stored at room temperature in order to prevent painful injections  for up to one month.

2. Syringes-Many prefabircated insulin kits will include syringes. The use of syringes in order to administer insulin is the traditional method. There are different types of syringes that can be used for administering insulin. Those that are unsure about which needle diameter should be used should consult with their physician. Likewise, it is very important that people maintain their syringes in the proper manner. Most people decide to buy a steady supply of syringes in order to have clean syringes readily avialable. However, there are a number of individuals that choose to reuse their syringes in order to save money. Anyone deciding to reuse syringes for insulin use should make sure that the cap remains over the needle when it is not in use. Likewise, the needles should be cleaned with alcohol if they are being reused. Under no circumstances should syringes be shared with others.

3. Skin Prep Items-Those that administer insulin on a regular basis will need to make sure that their insulin kits are stocked with skin prep items. The skin prep items that are most often used include alcohol prep pads that can be purchased from local retail stores. Individuals may also want to include cotton balls and bandages in their kits in order too dress the site of insertion.

These are the main contents of insulin kits that many diabetics use on a daily basis.