The Facts about Diabetes and Zyprexa

Everyone is aware that when taking any medication specifically prescription medications, it is very important to be wary of the various side effects. So many of the medications that are consumed have a number of side effects that can range from the very minor to major. Thus, it is always important for people to be very proactive when taking any type of medication in order to ensure that people are aware of what may happen when using prescription medication. With this being the case, individuals also expect for companies to be very upfront and honest about how a medication will affect individuals. In some countries, such as the United States, certain medications cannot be sold unless they pass Food and Drug Administration guidelines. These guidelines are often supported by supplying detailed information about the particular medication, research information and clinical trials. However, despite these protocols being necessary it was possible for the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Company to promote the anti psychotic drug Zyprexa. It was later discovered their is a link between diabetes and Zyprexa, and this link is apparent with other anti psychotic drugs.

There are a couple of reasons why it is believed that there is a very obvious link between diabetes and zyprexa. Zyprexa, like a number of anti psychotic drugs, can cause significant weight gain. It is believed that the increase in weight gain in individuals taking this medication may have caused many to develop diabetes. Furthermore, there have been many cases where people have developed diabetes after beginning taking this medication. In fact Duke University conducted a study which determined that out of 289 cases of diabetes that were linked to Zyprexa 225 of the cases were for people that were newly diagnosed with the disease and many of these cases of diabetes begin within a six month time period from when the individuals begin taking the medication. Likewise, many people that took Zyprexa also experienced weight gain which is known to complicate diabetes.

What is truly disturbing about the link between diabetes and Zyprexa is the fact that appears that Eli Lilly & Company was very knowledgeable about the fact that this particular drug could cause significant health issues for those that were prescribed this medication to assist with psychiatric disorders. Zyprexa was Eli Lilly & Company’s most profitable drug, and many people believe that this pharmaceutical company choose not to address the serious complications because they were too interested in making large sums of money. Eli Lilly & Company eventually had to pay over a billion dollars to individuals that suffered great side effects from taking Zyprexa. Many of these individuals developed diabetes a condition that will have to be managed for the rest of their lives all because of taking this particular medication.

It is very obvious that there is a very unfortunate link between diabetes and Zyprexa. Many people have become very ill and some have even lost their lives as a result of taking this medication to treat a psychiatric disorder. It has been determined by the Food and Drug Administration that there are a number of anti psychotic drugs, including Zyprexa, that can cause diabetes. Individuals that are being treated for mental health disorders should consult with their physicians to obtain more information on safe medications that they can use.