Type 2 Diabetes Weight Control

Of all of the different types of diabetes that you can have, type 2 is the most common.  As a matter of fact, many individuals are experiencing this type of diabetes as a result of their poor lifestyle than any other time in history.  Too much fast food and sugary snacks has led to an obesity epidemic which is causing people to suffer from this type of diabetes at a much younger age.  It can lead to all kinds of complications that range from vision loss to death.  Don’t be discouraged, however, because this type of diabetes can easily be managed by managing your lifestyle.  Here are some type 2 diabetes weight control tips for you to help you get started.

The first thing that you’re going to need to learn if you are trying to control your weight with diabetes is the fact that the glycemic index is your friend.  If you have never heard of the glycemic index before, it is a fairly simple thing to understand.  The sugar that is available in carbohydrates gets released into our system at different speeds, depending on what you eat.  For example, pineapple will release sugar into your system very quickly but broccoli will release sugar into your system very slowly.  The higher a carbohydrate resides on the glycemic index, the faster it dumps the sugar in your body.

The first thing that you need to do is get a copy of the glycemic index.  Take a look at it and memorize some of your favorite fruits and vegetables that are available underneath the level of 50 on the index.  These will become your new best friend and you must make sure that you faithfully stick to the low-end of the glycemic index with every meal.  Along with that, however, you need to make sure that you are also eating a protein with every meal and some form of legume.  These can either be in the form of beans or lentils or any other type of legume that you want to eat.  Just make sure, as the old rhymes says, that you eat your beans with every meal.

Eating in this way will have an amazing effect on your body.  First of all, your blood sugar levels are going to stabilize and you will notice that your type 2 diabetes is starting to disappear as a result.  You will also notice some excellent weight-loss benefits from eating in this way, provided you faithfully stick to the program.  The fact of the matter is, eating in this way is a small price to pay in order to get rid of such a debilitating disease.  You don’t have to regulate the amount of food that you eat, within reason, as long as you eat low on the glycemic index.

That is basically all there is to type 2 diabetes weight control.  You can make it as complicated as you want but if you simply stick to the low end of the glycemic index, you will simply lose weight.