Using an Omnipod Insulin Pump

There are numerous companies that are thinking of new ways to make managing diabetes a bit easier, convenient and less painful for diabetics. The processes that are available for managing insulin resistance vary. There are some people that choose to utilize syringes in order to obtain the necessary doses of insulin needed on a daily basis. While there are others that have found that utilizing pumps are a more convenient method. People that decide to use insulin pumps do so because it allows them to live their life without having to constantly stop in order to make sure that they receive the insulin shot that is needed for survival. While there are many people that like the convenience that an insulin pump provides, there are others that shy away from using these because of all the various parts that have to be assembled in the correct manner to ensure the proper delivery of insulin. The omnipod insulin pump provides a solution for those that are concerned about proper insulin management via a pump. This  pump is marketed to those that want a simple, efficient way in which manage diabetes.

The omnipod insulin pump is very unique because it requires absolutely no tubes in order for it to operate. With the traditional insulin pumps there is a tubing system that connects the insulin pump to the person’s body. Forming this connection requires some getting use to and at times people that use the traditional insulin pumps feel somewhat limited by what they can do because of the insertion of this device. However, with the omnipod device there is much more freedom. Diabetics are no longer bound by the tubes. In order to use this particular insulin pump people can simply load the small pod with insulin. The small pod is then attached to an area on the body such as the abdomen. Then the individual pushes a button on the hand held Personal Diabetes Manager of PDM in order to insert the cannula, which is located in the pod, into the abdomen. This method of administering insulin is a lot less complicated in comparison to the traditional pump method.

Many people find that there are a number of benefits associated with using the omnipod insulin pump. The small size of the pod is very convenient. People can wear it on their abdomen and other areas of their bodies without worrying that there will be issues without someone seeing it or having to wear a special belt clip as with the traditional insulin pumps. Likewise, the omnipod pump is also very convenient because it provides continuous insulin delivery so there is no need to disconnect to perform certain activities such as swimming or showering. Furthermore, people never have to worry about the insertion of the needle. The entire process of inserting needle is in many ways relegated to out of sight out of mind. Finally, the Personal Diabetes Manager offers individuals a variety of ways in which to manage their diabetes. This small hand held device is made with a glucose meter and food library to help individuals manage the amount of sugar that is consumed.

Overall, the omnipod insulin pump is a very innovative way for people to effectively manage their insulin intake via a pump.