Using the Glycemic Diabetes Index for Diabetic Food Control

Of all of the different types of diseases a person can get, diabetes is one of the most common. Not only is it the most common but it is also one that can be treated the easiest by simple lifestyle changes. Many people are aware of the fact that they are eating the wrong types of food and at times, this food can really harm our bodies. Not only do we have to deal with obesity, we may have to deal with diabetes as a result of these poor food choices. Fortunately, there are some choices for the way that you can eat, including the glycemic diabetes index, diabetic diet. Although not strictly a diet in itself, it is a method of eating which will help you to lose weight and feel better along with easing the diabetes that you are suffering from.

The glycemic index for diabetes or diabetic GI diet basically has everything to do with how fast a carbohydrate dumps sugar in your system. Many people do not realize that not all carbohydrates are made the same. Some well known and popular diets, such Atkins, can limit the amount of carbohydrates that you can eat to such a small extent that they can actually throw the body into ketosis, causing damage to your organs along with the loss of fat. This is a major problem for a diabetic and msut be avoided. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to limit the amount of carbohydrates that you eat, you just need to limit the type.

The glycemic index is based on a scale of one to 100 where one is water and 100 is pure sugar. The higher on the index that a carbohydrate resides, the faster it will dump its energy or sugar into your system. Many individuals tend to eat from foods that are very high on the glycemic index and this can cause a lot of problems as far as diabetes is concerned. Whenever the pancreas is having problems regulating the amount of insulin that is going into the system or if we have just become immune to its effect, adding too much sugar in your body too quickly can have devastating results. Not only can they cause us to have a diabetic attack, over time it may actually cause such things as blindness and death.

The important part of the glycemic diabetes diabetic diet is the fact that you eat from the low end of the glycemic index at every meal. If you do happen to eat something that is a little bit higher on the index, make sure that you balance it out with another carbohydrate that is lower. You should also be eating a protein and a legume every time you sit down to a meal. This will also help to block some of the absorption of the sugars into your system which will make it easier for your body to regulate your insulin requirements. Many believe that if you stick with this diet faithfully you will start to notice results in your weight and your diabetes insulin need in a short period of time. Before embarking on any new health program you should consult your doctor for advice.