Vegetarian Diets for Diabetics

Much has been written and said about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Reduced incidences of obesity, hypertension, diet-related cancers, and type 2 diabetes have been documented in vegetarians. Vegetarian diets for diabetics are low in fat and fiber-enriched. These characteristics make the vegetarian or vegan diet perfect for persons diagnosed with diabetes.

Fiber-enriched food is easily digested. It is also usually more filling, thus, reducing the likelihood of overeating. In effect, weight loss is achieved because the body takes in just enough calories to fuel its daily activities.

While a vegetarian diet is generally good for diabetics, there is still a need for vigilance as some vegetarian meals can contain as much fat as a non-vegetarian one, sometimes even more. A well-chosen, good vegetarian diabetes diet leads to increase in blood sugar control and reduces the need for insulin injection in patients.

Ensuring that you have all bases covered before switching to a vegan diabetic diet is important. We normally associate a vegetarian diet with fruits and vegetables and whole grains. A diet of fruits and vegetables is good but this does not in itself fulfill an average person’s recommended dietary requirements. It’s important to find a low-fat substitute to meat that will be the daily source of protein. This can be in the form of nuts, eggs, and tofu. Once you’ve identified that, you’ll be good to go.

Eating Out On A Diabetic Diet
Recognizing the need for healthy food without sacrificing taste, some establishments today now offer meatless meals using meat substitutes like tofu. Moreover, it is no longer uncommon to find restaurants that cater to vegetarians. There are also those that make room to accommodate their customers’ diabetic dietary requirements.

As in any change, the transition period is the most difficult. You may find yourself craving for the rich, fatty, flavorful food that you’ve gotten used to. However, the health benefits should be enough incentive to get you through the transition. Your doctor will be able to provide information that you will need in switching to a vegetarian diet suitable for diabetics. They can also assist you in ensuring that your blood glucose level remains stable. Until it becomes lower and better controlled on your new vegetarian diets for diabetics, that is.